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I give each client an opportunity to re-examine their path in life. Clients who finish one of my sessions come away satisfied and with an improved mindset in managing challenges and pursuing goals. I take pride in reading my clients’ testimonials and learning how I’ve helped to change their outlook on life. Check out some of their experiences below and contact me to add yours!

After some time in my previous position, I was feeling unappreciated and invaluable. I heard about Irina from a friend of mine. At that time I was skeptical about spending money on carrier services, but in my strive for better personal development changed my mind and I decided to use Irina's services.

She not only helped me improve my resume and cover letter but also prepared me for the tough behavioral interview questions that usually everyone fears, by explaining the purpose of those types of questions. The most important thing for me in the coaching process was that Irina strengthened my confidence, helped me rediscover myself, and also helped me bring back skills and abilities that I forgot are part of me. Irina is well versed in describing the process and preparing for any type of interview.

Right after a few sessions with Irina, I began to perform significantly better at interviews, and that not only helped me approach every next interview with confidence, less fear, and answer questions more openly, but also change my job and find the place and position I wanted. 

The state of feeling useful and valuable again cannot be described with words.

Thank you, Irina!


I highly recommend Irina as a career coach and a mentor! It is hard to summarize how wonderful she is! She is an experienced and confident professional. She has a wonderful personality and helped me to find out exactly what I want and made me believe that I can reach my goals.
I worked with Irina on my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile update. She made a schedule that perfectly worked for me. She spent much more time than we planned and was responsive any time for questions and follow-ups. We worked together and after she finalized the details, I now am a proud owner of a professionally built career portfolio.
Shortly after, I received two very competitive offers that exceed my expectations in many aspects. Having no experience with this type of complicated situation, I reached out to Irina again and I received another round of professional advice.
I have reached my goal in a very short term due to Irina’s mentorship. I am moving to a new exciting career opportunity and I will keep Irina as my career advisor and friend. She helped to explore my opportunities and I will continue to work with her and learn from her.


"Working with Irina was a pleasure. She is, by far, the best career coach there is. She is knowledgeable about the job, does her research well, and always comes prepared to the meetings. Her meetings are always informative and filled with tons of information. All of my questions were answered promptly. She always made sure all of my questions were answered. 

Her resume building skills are also top notch. She has a ton of knowledge about the software that sorts our resumes and she builds the resume in a way that the machine will take it. She also provides several options for the resume, and explains which one is better in a certain situation. Again, she answered all my questions and worked on everything I had concerns about. 

Irina conducted a mock interview with me. The interview went for about 45 minutes, which was amazing, since a real life interview can be just a s long. She conducted the interview in the way that it would be conducted by the recruiter of the company to which is applied. She threw some trick questions, which was also a nice touch, since now I know how to answer them in the proper way. After the interview, she gave me tons of feedback and explained everything that needed improvement and on what I had to work on. She pointed out what I did well and what I had to work on. She also explained some information, which was extremely helpful, due to the fact that one can't know it, unless they work in the field. 

If you ever think of hiring a career coach, do not hesitate to reach out to Irina. She is extremely knowledgeable and knows how to conduct the interviews and how to prepare the "employee". She does miracles with the resume and knows how to work with the AI that handles them. Overall, Irina did an amazing job and I could not recommend her more. If in doubt, don't be. She is the career coach you need. 


Irina is a true inspirational and creative person. She inspired me of staring my own business in the field of art entrepreneur. I as artist had a poor experience for the commercial side of the business, thanks to Irina I got established a very successful and flourishing business. Irina helped me to create a professional business site; she kept motivating me and encouraging me to promote my work.
Thanks to Irina’s character traits and skills in the field of Human Resources and life couching, she was able to guide me through the challenging process of creating of very successful and established art business.


After I worked for my previous company for over 12 years and I was furloughed, I needed to start looking for a new job. Irina was very helpful in guiding me how to get my resume job ready and brush up my interviewing skills. I truly recommend Irina's services because she is very patient,detailed and devoted to her clients' success.


Last year Irina helped me with my resume. Her experience and professional attitude guided me through the process. I am not big fan of writing resumes but Irina made it fun and enjoyable. The journey that we had helped me discover some of my strengths and set my resume for success. Irina is amazing person and expert in this area. I would definitely recommend her service to others. 
Overall I would rate my experience as a 5 star (5 out of 5).


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