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Welcome! I'm thrilled you've found your way here as we embark on a transformative journey toward a more fulfilling life and successful career. In this empowering space, we focus on building confidence, rediscovering self-worth, and staying true to our authentic selves.

I'm Irina, your mentor, coach, and self-worth advocate. Originally from Bulgaria, I now call the vibrant Greater Chicago Area home. As a Lake Forest College alum with a double major in Economics and International Relations, I've honed my strategic thinking and life lessons through diverse experiences.

With over a decade in Human Resources, my expertise spans Compensation, Pay Strategies, Talent, Employee Retention, Personal Branding, and Executive Presence. I've had the privilege of working with executive clients, people in leadership positions, and those in a senior season of their careers. Additionally, I've guided individuals ready to shift direction, helping them find fulfillment and true, happy success—compensated well and balanced in their career, leadership, and vision.

I've collaborated with executives and senior leaders across healthcare, retail, tech, banking, consulting, and many more industry-leading companies. Let's connect and explore this journey together. If you're ready to rebuild, reinvent yourself, and grow with confidence, fulfillment, and joy, I'm here for you.

And just a little friendly reminder:


​ Dream it. Act upon it. Achieve it.


​ With Gratitude,

 ​Irina Doytcheva

Executive Career Coach 

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