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Your Future Dream Job - Have you written your Narrative yet?

Do you know what your Dream Job looks like? Does it exist? Do you feel you deserve a more fulfilling, balanced, and better-paid role? Possibly. If you are not sure, you are not alone.

Every day, I meet people who seek to grow as a professional or want to create a successful business. Every day, all of them tell me that they want to bring success, balance, and excitement to their personal and professional life. And every day, someone tells me they feel confused and alone in this journey.

The problem with many people today is that they want something better but they can't define it. Everyone wants it, but hardly anyone I talk to knows what that looks like. Sometimes people define elements of it, but when it comes to the full circle, only 1-3% of individuals know exactly what they want.

Usually 10 minutes into every conversation, most individuals let me know that something is missing from their current job role or business ventures. They tell me about their struggles, energy-draining emotions, and toxic relationships at work. Usually what surrounds their mind, and space is full of negativity, lack of opportunities, and boredom. They hardly mention what would make them happier, more fulfilled, and balanced.

How would you feel if I tell you that the more you let self-limiting beliefs around you, the further you are from creating a space full of abundance, success, and new great job or business opportunities?

Let's talk about that for a minute.

The more time you allocate to reflect on what you want in life, the quicker you will manifest it. - Irina Doytcheva

You need to feel, understand, and design - the Future You, The Future Career Path, and The Future Dream Job.

In order to do that, go ahead and take some time to reflect.

Grab a notebook, or take notes on a laptop or another digital device.

Keep yourself away from distractions.

You may have some background music if you would like.

If you prefer being outdoors, go out in nature or your backyard if the season and weather allow it.

Sit down comfortably.

Take a deep breath.

Close your eyes.

Daydream for a bit.

Let go of your worries, of what you don't want in your life and career.

Remember your worth.

You got this.

You deserve better.

Allow yourself to receive.

Once your space and mind are clear of distractions and self-doubts.

Write down your thoughts in response to the following questions:

  • What are you doing? Where are you working? What is the atmosphere like?

  • What do you find fulfilling about your work?

  • What do you wear to work?

  • Who are you working with? What are your relationships like?

  • Do you work in a small team or a big team?

  • Are you at home or in an office environment?

  • Do you travel occasionally for conferences or in-person meetings?

  • Do you manage or are you an individual contributor?

  • How do you feel about going to work in the mornings?

  • When you tell people about what you do, how do you feel?

  • What does your family think about your new job?

  • What are your weekends like after you've taken your new job?

  • How do others see you now?

  • What is the thing that's most different from your current you?

  • What does your future self look like?

  • How is your daily life different now?

Write your Narrative.



This week.

Do not postpone it for too long.

Life is too short to stay in a state of fear, boredom, and unhappiness.

This is your Dream Job we are talking about. Once you get your Dream Job, you will be a step closer to your Dream Life!

Message me if you want to chat more. I am here to guide you and support you!

Dream It. Act Upon It. Achieve It.

With Gratitude and Till Next Time,

Irina @ Simplicity Career Coaching


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