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Gratitude - a powerful mindset and an emotional spark

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Hey There,

Did you know that my Email Signature always starts with the following?

"With Gratitude,



I chose this world wisely because Gratitude is a positive emotion. Gratitude represents happiness, simplicity, understanding, and love. Gratitude immediately sparks a smile on your face, making you feel at ease and complete.

Every time I email someone or respond to a question or a concern, I am grateful. I am grateful for their time, their energy, their questions, and their input. The email context is not always pleasant. It does not always deliver the best news. However, I am still grateful. Gratitude is a sincere acknowledgment of one's presence, gratitude is a deserved appreciation.

A few weeks ago, I was in an unfortunate personal situation. The news delivered were not the very best. I still expressed gratitude to the person who came to the rescue. He said - No, no need. I am just doing my job. I responded - Yes, I know but I am still deeply grateful for your time, advice, follow-up, and energy. He smiled and then days later, he went through hoops to get me the information I need in order to obtain clarity and resolution. He didn't have to go outside of his scope but he did. His actions of going beyond were done solely because he wanted to. My gratitude towards him and his team grew indefinitely. The more, I expressed it, the more help I received.

On a different note, I have noticed that every time I sign my name below With Gratitude, I get people to respond quickly, without reservations, and with more excitement to assist. it is the natural law of how the universe works. The proactive use of Gratitude has a multiplying effect: it makes you see more things to be grateful for.


Expressing gratitude is more than being thankful. Through gratitude, we get to make a sense of our lives, our careers, and life journies and learn to credit the people around us with the appreciation they deserve. It helps you see what you were given, including the lessons and mirrors that you did not necessarily ask for. By moaning or resisting things, you put emphasis on what is lacking. This causes you to live in a state of shortage, further activating a negative spiral of creation. When you live in a state of gratefulness, you do not need such a defensive shield. You need to open your heart. This state is essential for creating and receiving.

Make a daily habit to write a list of all things that make you feel happy and grateful. Through this practice, you will accelerate gratitude and receive a flow of abundance in return.

This is applicable to each area of life, personal or professional. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions we know. Give it a try, say it, write it. The more you practice it, the more meaningful it becomes. The more you express it, the quicker it works and delivers miracles in your life.

According to Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, the definition of Gratitude is as follows: The quality or feeling of being warm or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received. Gratitude is pleasing to the mind or senses and a very refreshing emotion.

Dream It.

Act Upon It.

Achieve it.

Till next time,

Irina @ Simplicity Coaching


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